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Title Sponsor

Title sponsorship considerations include:

Event Naming:

  • The event will be titled "Northwest Arkansas Boat and Outdoor Expo presented by [Your Company]."

Logo Placement:

  • The sponsor's logo will be featured prominently on all promotional materials, including posters, flyers, banners, and the official event website.

Exclusive Rights:

  • The sponsor will have exclusivity in their industry, ensuring no direct competitors are featured as sponsors.

Booth Space:

  • Premium booth space will be allocated strategically for maximum visibility of the sponsor's products and services.

Speaking Opportunities:

  • The sponsor will have dedicated speaking slots to showcase their company, products, or related topics during the event.

Swag and Merchandise:

  • The sponsor is invited to provide branded merchandise or promotional items for distribution at the event.

VIP Treatment:

  • The sponsor's team, clients, or guests will enjoy VIP access, including exclusive events or areas.

Media Coverage:

  • The sponsor will receive extensive media coverage, including press releases, interviews, and features in relevant publications.

Social Media Exposure:

  • The sponsor's brand will be extensively covered on official social media platforms, with regular mentions, posts, and shared content.

Digital Marketing: -

  • The sponsor's presence will be secured in email newsletters, the event app, and other digital marketing channels. Discussions can be held about the possibility of dedicated email blasts and features in event-related content.

Inclusion in Advertising Campaigns: -

  • The sponsor's brand will feature prominently in all advertising campaigns leading up to the event, including radio, TV, and online ads.

Recognition in Press Materials:

  • The sponsor's company will be highlighted in all press releases and media kits distributed to journalists.

Logo on Tickets and Passes: -

  • The sponsor's logo will be featured on tickets and passes, enhancing brand visibility.

On-Site Signage: -

  • Collaboration will be done to feature the sponsor's brand on various on-site signage, including banners, walls, floors, exteriors, and interiors.

Post-Event Recognition: -

  • Ongoing recognition will be provided in post-event press releases, thank-you notes, and follow-up marketing.

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